Testimonial 1

“I had hit a cross road in life either to accept the weight gain that comes with aging or find a way to fight back. I chose to fight back but quickly learned my body is different then it was when I was in my 20’S. The fact that I didn’t have an understanding of nutrition posed a big obstacle. When I was young I could try a new fresh fad diet and wipe off 20 pounds in 4 weeks. However now in my late 30’s those fad diets just didn’t have the same impact and I knew the perceived gains were not worth the headache.

I tried numerous attempts on my own to understand how I need to fuel myself for health and performance. I subscribed to various web sites, reading articles online and purchased various calorie-counting apps nothing was making sense. The problem was one article would tell me the secret was “no carbs” another article “you cant lose weight if you don’t eat carbs” yet another “it’s all about healthy carbs” another mentioned the need for “carbloading “ – Besides the fact that I didn’t know what a carb loading was this was just the various interpretations for carbohydrates. I found supplements, calorie counting, protein intake as well as the classification of Fats all had contrarian philosophy’s. Which advise should I follow? I found myself floundering between article to article never having a true set plan on how to approach my desired goals.

I told myself I needed a coach to focus solely on my nutrition. I goggled health coaches and such but I wanted to find someone who really understood my fitness goals along with my weight loss. One day I walked in the gym and Melissa was writing a quote regarding Vitamin D and I thought “Melissa” would be an ideal fit for a coach. I had watched her and her husband accomplish significant fitness gains over the past 4 years. So I approached her and she was eager to assist.

Melissa was able to teach me the basic concepts of nutrition and created a customized plan for success. She taught me about proper paring of foods and proper portion sizes. Help me to understand how I felt after eating and showed me the impact of proper nutrition on performance. Through her one-on-one sessions she was able to reduce the amount of supplements I took and showed me which ones would benefit my desired outcomes. Melissa worked with me every week, set goals and helped me set plans to overcome life’s twists and turns. The effort and commitment she put into helping me accomplish my goals exceed anything I expected and motivated me even more to stay committed. After 12 weeks with Melissa I was able to lose 25 pounds and even more importantly she taught me how to feel good and eat properly. Her coaching not only had a positive impact on me but my family as a whole.”