Understanding our athletes’ personal goals and the skills necessary to propel our athletes to better themselves physically and mentally is our bed rock. We have found using a hybrid formula of CrossFit based workouts while utilizing the Westside barbell max effort (ME)/ dynamic effort (DE) template has provided a well-rounded program for all athletic backgrounds. That being said, we have developed a tiered system based on your proven max numbers paired with the ability to perform specific skill sets in Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, and conditioning.

Sport-Specific/Student Athlete Team Training & Conditioning

CrossFit Mad Hatter’s sport-specific training & conditioning philosophy is grounded in absolute strength and speed training, giving the athlete the explosiveness needed on the field. We also work on muscle confusion and coordination to keep the athletes senses sharp all year long. Seeing young athletes reach their full potential gives us the drive to find new and inventive ways to keep them above the fringe of the competition. Utilizing years of speed and agility training from Bucks County’s very own Ed Ruisz, we fitted our gym with the same speed and agility equipment student athletes train with at Lehigh University. Incorporating a tested Westside Barbell speed and explosion program is designed to not only improve each athlete’s speed and explosiveness, but more importantly, to build the intangibles built to win games and championships. We also know nutrition is the foundation of any successful athlete, we offer all our teams a sports nutrition class with our dietitian on staff.

Sports these days are year round ventures, and the skill level is extremely high and competitive; let CrossFit Mad Hatter give your team the edge it needs to win. We will make your team all-round better athletes, you will see improved results regardless of the sport. Your team will be faster, stronger, more explosive, agile and more powerful and ready for any team that stands in front of them.

We train as a team and win as a team

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Explosion
  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Nutrition
  • Build toughness
  • Capture the “it” factor
  • Learn correct form & preventative maintenance for long lasting careers

Contact us today for pricing and details. Programming and private classes also available for individual sport-specific athletes!

Speed & Agility Classes

Need to increase your endurance or add some cardio to your day? Try out our speed and agility classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30! Our program is created with our athlete goals in mind. We utilize not only our years of speed and agility training from Bucks County’s very own Ed Ruisz (SAT Speed Advantage Training, Inc.) but we are also equipped with the same speed, agility and strength gear as universities such as Penn State and Lehigh. Get an edge over the competition or add something different to your routine; this class is available to all CF Mad Hatter members and teams!


Designed for the busy professionals, on the go parents and anyone looking for a quick calorie burn! Classes are a fast paced 30 minutes. Designed to be a quick, effective and fun workout; we removed the weights to focus on conditioning with no heavy lifting or technical movements.