What are some strategies to navigate the holidays?

Q. What are some strategies to navigate the holidays?
A. 1)Boost your immune system- the holidays are hard enough without being sick. But all the parties, shopping in crowded malls and colder weather creates an ideal environment to exchange germs! Make sure during this time of year to get plenty of vitamin D and vitamin C. It’s always hard to get enough sleep as well this time of year but lack of sleep makes you more vulnerable to disease. Aim for 8 hours per night or take a nap in the afternoon if you are up late.
2) Stick to your exercise routine- no matter if you eat those holiday desserts or skip them, keep to your exercise routine as best as possible. Exercise can help you handle the extra stress of the season. Exercising also released endorphins, natural mood boosters that can help cheer you up on dark winter mornings.
3) Give yourself a break. Don’t beat yourself up if you break your diet or indulge in some holiday treats. Regretting your choices only causes more stress and anxiety-not what you nor your body needs to stay healthy. This doesn’t mean to binge on everything in sight either-pick your “cheats and treats” carefully, make them worth it, and enjoy them!
Happy Holidays!