What are some New Years resolutions you can keep?

Q. What are some New Years resolutions you can keep?
A. 1) Stretch you comfort zone deliberately at least once a month-People always say you should do something once a day that scare you. Once a day is a lot. To keep a New Years resolutions it needs to fit your busy lifestyle. Trying something new and outside your comfort zone once a month will expose you to new things in your life without being overwhelming. Take things slow but always be moving forward.
2) Try volunteering- Volunteering can be rewarding and fun! Get a group of friends together and make it an activity for a day. Look for volunteering opportunities that interest you so you will enjoy the experience as much as helping others at the same time There are many volunteer opportunities out there, make it a goal to volunteer at least once a year!
3) Get the TECH out of the bedroom- TVs, iPods, laptops, tablets, cell phones. OUT. This will likely be the biggest change and toughest habit to break, but it’s so worth it! Sleep REM cycles are impacted from light pollution at night and have serious adverse effect on health. We’ve all experienced irritability, inability to focus and exhaustion from a lack of sleep. Why purposely make it difficult for our brain and body to get the rest it needs to perform best?