What are some food storage and safety tips we should follow?

Q. What are some food storage and safety tips we should follow?
1. Keep your refrigerator at 40 degrees or below to ensure foods stay fresh and safe to eat. The temperature danger zone, where bacteria grows most rapidly, is between 40-140 degrees f.
2. Store herbs like fresh basil, mint and cilantro like fresh cut flowers. They will last longer if you place stems in a cup of water. The same also works for asparagus and kale!
3. Refrigerate mushrooms in paper bags-not plastic. This keeps mushrooms from drying out and won’t trap in moisture turning them slimy.
4. Store potatoes, onions and winter squash at cooler temps, about 50-60 degrees. These items do not go in the fridge.
5. To avoid cross-contamination and bacteria growth, store raw meats and other foods below ready to eat foods in the refrigerator.
6. Don’t store perishable foods (such as milk) on the refrigerator door-the door does not stay cold enough. The refrigerator door is better for things like condiments, nuts and seeds.
7. Store fresh fruits and vegetables in separately. Ethylene gas produced by some fruits can cause veggies to taste bitter.
8. Avocados, Mangoes, Pears and other pitted fruits should ripen at room temperature and then be placed in the refrigerator to increase storage time.