About Crossfit Mad Hatter

CrossFit Mad Hatter is located at Pipersville, Pennsylvania. We are a performance driven strength and conditioning facility for all ages and athletic backgrounds. We use proven professional programming rendered to fit the goals of all our customers. From seniors searching for longevity, stay at home parents, to the sport specific athlete looking for an edge over the competition. Our foundation is built on a hard work environment to reach your goals.

Building a strong foundation is key in order to overcome your fitness hurdles. We believe in the time tested virtues of discipline, respect, focus, confidence, courage and most important, heart. These will give any individual what they need to succeed in and out of the gym. We have assembled a team with these characteristics in mind to have your goals not only met, but surpassed.

Not one person is great at everything; we all have our own gifts in life. CrossFit Mad Hatter is no different. We have a “lead by example” mentality. Check your ego at the door, we may all be here for different goals, but we should all be giving 100%. We are proud to have you step in our doors and work hard towards a better you, be supportive of the teammates around you that are doing the same!

What to expect from our classes

Example one hour class

Warm Up: Mobility/ stretching/ light cardio building

Strength: Back Squat 10×2

Metabolic Conditioning (we will help you scale if needed): Complete 4 rounds for time: 8 deadlifts | 15 push-ups

Accessory work: 5 minute EMOM: 10 hollow rocks

Cool Down: Light cardio/necessary mobility